About Us

K5records is a sound recording studio located in Delhi, instituted on the idea of facilitating a platform in creation of something original and unique. A team of specialized sound engineers would make sure that the objective of each project meets all requirements in time. Whether it’s dubbing for a Television commercial or song recording, the process is executed as per professional terms that ensures absolute quality of work. We offer distinct services for new talents especially while launching their new music album or any other genre for that matter. Our technical infrastructure is equipped enough to assist sound recording and dubbing for Television serials, Documentaries, jingles, commercial ad films, radio programs and much more. In case technical expertise or advice is required for a project, we have an experienced team of professionals such as Voice over artists, translators, singers, script writers to work round the clock to meet the target. Moreover, irrespective of the language; we offer services and solutions to projects in regional as well as foreign languages. We strive to produce unmatched quality audio for every project, and our team makes sure we do it in time without any hassles.

Who we are?

Komal Gupta :- Music keeps me going. Have been doing it since more than five years and still counting. Music is always on in my mind and experimenting with it came to me naturally. Playing a guitar was my hobby and gradually became my profession. As an artist I have been on the floor, have experienced it all since long. Lately, I was keen to start something that can provide a platform to many artists, hence, incorporated a team of professionals for this new venture – K5records. Apart from being a professional sound recording studio my aim is to invite many new talents who look out for a professional assistance, and that’s what K5 records is about..

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