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K5 Records – • Begin with Guitar basics Basic chords of any instrument collide together on the same page, in case of guitar the six strings and fret strike together to create music. Six strings are universally known as E A D B G E and hence hold a foundational relevance for beginners to start with. These basics are very much in sync with different scales or rhythms that might be a part of any other instrument as well. Chords and notes would fundamentally remain same but they would sound different as strings-based vary from a keys-based instrument.

• Role of Chord progression A technical definition of chord progression would be a series of musical chords or change of chords in a manner that aims for a definite goal by contradicting or establishing a tonality founded by a key or tonic chord. In simple words, it’s the functioning of keys to deliver a defined pattern of music. The relevance of learning chord progression is the foremost basic of the learning process. It’s important to understand its relevance while playing or learning guitar or many other instruments. The basics remain same among all, the only difference any instrument offer is its own unique feature such as a keyboard can play chords and tabs at the same time, while playing a guitar this would not be possible. Therefore, the chords and their extended progressions will remain similar in functioning but the application might differ depending upon the type of musical instrument you are playing. Guitar offers six strings with twenty-four frets, while any other such as keyboard or harmonium can vouch for more experimentation and improvisation. Though the chord progression would begin with the same note and sound similar as well, but the execution would vary with each instrument, and that what you would specialize in as long as the taught lessons would be religiously followed and practiced.

• Relevance of Indian classical music especially in vocals Indian Classical music originated from the rig vedas, which comprises many ragas and hyms that have been practiced and learned since the beginning of its identification. The basic of Indian classical music i.e. the seven notes in Hindustani classical music such as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni are practiced, which is also a pattern under Carnatic music. It might sound differently but the western style is exactly the same, the symbolism differs with Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti. However, western music divided the seven notes into 12 semitones yet the Indian classical music is the root of all genres. It’s monophonic in nature, the ragas and talas define its essence for the rest of the genres, and whether it’s Hindi film songs or any regional or folk music, these basics have been seamlessly incorporated under the Hindustani classical music. Most of the vocalists from northern region or Carnatic background understand its relevance in vocals and refining the techniques of singing from basic to advanced level.

• Availability of specialized techniques Arena of music in itself is a vast field to study, it’s almost impossible achieve utmost perfection. Therefore, to master the technicalities, one has to know some devised tricks which are not freely available for everyone and anyone’s disposal. One has to have an extraordinary flair or skill to learn that, such specialized techniques would take time to achieve the accuracy and will brush up the amateur talent of any learner.

• Brief intro about the guitar lessons (For beginners, intermediate and advanced) Lessons for guitar learning are designed to assist the beginners to improve upon the preliminary knowledge of the instrument and understanding of the technical aspects of music. The learning depends upon the level of understanding of an individual as well as the sincerity of the practice. The gradual growth of a learner tends to occur after four to five months duration. The techniques and skills are unified into the syllabus as per the level of a layman and that’s how it becomes easy for any age group to follow accordingly. The syllabus includes basic knowledge of music concepts, scales, and songs of various genres.

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