Assist in establishing recording studio set-up
We provide assistance in setting-up of recording studio as per the requirements of the start-up. All the technicalities of the equipment are incorporated and assembled according to the budget, design and size of the studio to be established. Expert guidance would be at your disposal to help in understanding and choosing the appropriate combination of tools suitable for the set-up.

Equipment provider
In case of any technical support, we also deliver any sound recording equipment such as audio mixers, microphones, headphones, music instruments, if any, at competitive rates available in the market. Authentic products are always assured from our end, we do not promote, sell or encourage any fake or bogus instruments, whatsoever.

Sound systems are available
Any requirement of sound system on rent is available at reasonable charges. Professional equipment is being maintained here with utmost caution and care to provide precision, accuracy and quality in terms of output. Rental charges would vary depending upon the duration of time for which the instruments/equipment is being used.

Hire instruments for outdoor events
Musical instruments and sound systems are offered at affordable prices for any outdoor event or live performance by bands. Assurance of quality instruments is one of our traits, compromising with excellence is not something we encourage or deal in.

Buy music instruments
Get your guitar, keyboard, harmonium or any other music instruments at viable price. Purchase the best quality products as per the specifications within the requirements of the budget you are comfortable in. No limitation of brands or variants, availability of products depends upon the choice of the client.

Promotional push for start-ups
We seek to assist in conducting promotional shows/musicals for start-ups such as restaurants, cafes, Bars, etc. Any small business start-up such as a local food joint or café might get a boost from a musical promotion gig. Musical shows can give an attractive quotient to the ambiance and can further add up in enhancing the overall experience of the visitors/ customers.

Videography and Photography Services in Delhi

Story doesn’t ends here, as mentioned above K5Records is a one stop solution for all of your digital needs. We also provide product listing services on Indian market places and lot more. So if you have been trying hard to find out the right guide for your brand then your search ends here at Videography. We do provide image re-touching services for different kind of products like electronics, jewellery, ethnic wear, sunglasses ,fashion wear , kitchen and dining , home decor, souvenirs, flower arrangements, branding concepts, books, media , entertainment, home furnishing products, lighting products , stationary items, laptops, mobile covers, handbags & Clutches, perfumes, tablets, bath towels, LED bulbs, Television, washing machine, Headphones, Travel bags, fashion accessories, watches, clocks, crockery, wallets, belts, tie, menswear, women wear, baby clothing, baby footwear photography, Laptop bags, Luggage, Mens grooming, umbrella, Quilts, Curtains, Sofa covers, Cushions / Pillows , throws, household furniture , kitchen tools, coffee mugs, Bedding Shoe Racks, Office equipments, Religious idols, wall decor, Tools and hardware, Suiting & Shirting, School Table lamps, wall lamps, Power tools and kits, Lawn & gardening, Taps , Faucets, Soft toys, stuff toys & games, Photo frames, Hookah , funky utility items, cars accessories, electronics , Car pillow/mats , sunshades, seat covers, Helmet /helmet locks, Riding gears, Bike spare parts, Vehicles body covers, Cars and bike tyres, Running shoes, formal shoes, sport shoes, Gym products, Sports and yoga mats, Gym Gloves, all other sports equipments which includes Cricket, badminton, Football, Swimming, Table Tennis, Boxing, Skating, Basketball, Cycles and camping & Hiking products .